The primary objective of this project is to build an automated as well as environment friendly transportation to save the precious natural resources as well as minimize the road accidents.

Key Features-

*It can detect obstacles and take appropriate actions at its own.

*It can be operated not only by remote but also in automatic mode without using remote.

*It can be further enhanced variably by adding gears.

*A custom-build trailer can be added, so that the truck can be used as a transport vehicle as well.

*This is an environment friendly mode of transport, as it uses solar energy. 



*Driverless and automated mode of transport.

*Pollution free vehicle.

*Fully Customizable to use for various purposes.

*This vehicle has shockers for the smooth functioning


A Robotics framework was used, which consists of Lego Mindstorms EV3 hardware kit as well as programming software.